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 silicone additives
Additives for Silicone Elastomers. CHT manufacture a variety of additives for use with our silicone elastomers. They can be used to control cure speeds, rheology, hardness and other physical properties of the cured rubber. Thixotoping Agents. These are used togteher with our silicone MouldingRrubbers and catalysts for use on verticle surfaces.

 silicone additives - wacker chemie ag
Our additives can be used to boost specific properties of solid silicone rubber to meet extreme requirements. The additives are incorporated direct via roll mill or internal mixer to customize the rubber to specification. solid rubber. We also have additives that impart special properties, such as magnetizability and x-ray opacity.

 silicone additives | nusil® | avantor
NuSil ® additives give manufacturers simple, precise ways to enhance silicone elastomers used in medical devices by adding color or radiopacity to the base material. Our blowing agents are designed to transform the base material into a foam. The biocompatible additives come in the form of ready-to-use concentrated masterbatches which reduce production cycle times and costly cleaning procedures.

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 silicone surface additives - concentrol
ORDISOL SWT range of silicone surface additives are the right choice for formulators looking for improved slip, mar resistance, levelling, substrate wetting, anti-blocking properties and gloss enhancement. Most of our range of additives are composed of 100% pure materials in order to provide maximum effectiveness. Being pure silicone surfactants, they are usually compatible with various ...

 paint, coatings, ink & varnish silicone additives | dow inc.
Improve performance, processing and productivity. High performance silicone and siloxane additives can help you produce better paints, coatings, printing inks and overprint varnishes more easily and cost effectively. Dow offers silicone additives designed to: Control foam. Enhance adhesion. Improve wetting, leveling and flow.

 silicone coating additives l sisib silicones
Silicone coating additives by SiSiB, a reliable silicone manufacturing company , are designed for versatility in different solvent-borne, water-borne, radiation-curing coating systems. They also have good compatibility with various binder systems. SiSiB silicone additives provide multiple benefits to impart slip and gloss retention, increase ...

 silicone additives and releasing agents
We are an industry leader in the production of Silicone defoamers, Silicone-free defoamers, Silicone emulsions, Waxes, Water repellents, Release agents. We produce and develop additives for the specific requirements of our customers and offer a wide range of Defoamers suitable for a wide variety of requirements and applications.

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