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 additives • plastics europe
In addition to bringing extra properties to polymers, additives can also be used to enhance the manufacturing processes of plastics products: Additives, by making products last longer, contribute to the reduction of raw materials consumption. They also make plastics easier to process – thus reducing potential waste in the manufacturing process.

 learn all about plastic additives and their features by tosaf
As a global manufacturer of additives and masterbatches, Tosaf has a wealth of knowledge and is at the forefront of this industry. If this article encourages you to learn more about additives in plastic, you can contact Tosaf at +1 980 533-3000. We will be more than happy to provide you with additional information.

 an important additive in plastic production - dai a industry
Plastic additives are also used in recyclable products such as children’s toys, food bags, stationery, plastic tubes, etc. Products generated from recycled plastics or even primary plastics without this additive will be smelly because the chemicals in the production process will release NH 3, C 2 H 4, H 2 S, etc.

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 commonly used plastics additives
Phoenix Plastics Wants to Be Your Plastics Compounder. If you have been looking for compounding and manufacturing of specialty additives in Houston, you need not look any further than Phoenix Plastics. Give us a call today at 866-760-2311 to discuss your needs. We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

 additives for plastic compounds, masterbatches & film production
Additives for plastic compounds, masterbatches & film production. The careful selection of additives, such as antioxidants and light stabilizers, can extend the life of plastics, rubber articles or adhesives. Among other things, additives prevent the chemical and physical degradation of polymers during the manufacturing process and during their ...

 additives for plastics - domus chemicals
Domus Chemicals S.P.A. presents its range of additives for plastics, the fruit of decades of experience, which strengthened thanks to the cooperation with some of the most important chemical multinational companies, and, in some cases, it led to the patent protection of the production. The range of products includes flame retardants and ...

 the effects of additives in plastics | revpart
More lightweight plastic components can even make a big financial impact, drastically reducing the weight of cars and planes, and thus driving a marked increase in fuel efficiency. Additives to make plastics safer. While most plastics are inherently safe to handle, bigger questions are raised when it comes to their use in medicine and food.

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